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Mobile business concept or businesses on wheel is getting common in these recent years, especially for Food and Beverage (F&B) industries. More F & B business have diversified into mobile business concept rather than doing retail sales by base in premise waiting for walk in customer. Mobile catering business meaning the business is functioning from a mobile cart, bicycle, motorcycle, car, and hawker van or food truck by serving and selling food on the street to the passer-by. Hawker Van (Lori Pasar Malam) and Food Truck are the major choice for Mobile Food catering business.

Hawker Van is known as Lori Pasar Malam by Malaysian. Lori Pasar Malam allow the operator to stand next to the truck, while the room on truck is utilise for placing the cooking equipment, food preparation and storage of raw material. Lori Pasar Malam available in different brands and vary in price and size of the hawker room.

Small pickup truck with 2 seating is common for transforming into a hawker van, due to smaller size and low maintenance cost.  Price for lori pasar malam is determine by their brand and hawker room size. Hawker Van model in market: Recon Daihatsu Hijet S200P with 6.5 feet body, DFSK V21 with 9.5 feet body, Boon Koon Viflex 2.0 with 9 feet body and Daihatsu Granmax with 8.3 feet body. Price for the hawker van is ranging from Rm35,000.00 up to Rm65,000.00 or above.

Recon Daihatsu Hijet S200P hawker van is the most inexpensive among all the brands, due to it is a recon imported unit from Japan. Daihatsu Hijet S200P is a 2 seater, 660cc petrol pickup truck bonded with a 6.5 feet long hawker body with a overall size which is similar to a family sedan car. Daihatsu Hijet S200P is small size hawker van with easy manoeuvre and low fuel consumption.

Lori Pasar Malam Recon Daihatsu

Recon Daihatsu Hijet S200P Hawker Van

Recon Daihatsu Hijet S200P Lori pasar malam

Recon Daihatsu Hijet S200P Hawker Van

China brand company hawker van provider has come out with a 5 seater hawker van; brand DFSK, model V22 with 6.5 feet of hawker body. This hawker van meet the needs for some mobile catering business which involving a lot of manpower.

DFSK V22 – Five Seater Hawker Van

Food Truck is a different option for mobile food seller. Food truck or Mobile café is likely a kitchen, food preparation bench and counter which are attach onto a truck. Food truck allows the operator serving and selling food through an opening door or window. Kitchen equipment, food preparation, storage of material altogether are being conduct inside the truck`s body. Food truck’s body is heavy, therefore it required a more larger and powerful truck. Price for food truck is expensive than a hawker van, due to larger sizing body and harder to build.

Boon Koon Viflex 2.0 Food Truck

Boon Koon Viflex 2.0 Food Truck

Outlook design and kitchen equipment layout for Hawker Van or Food Truck are principally determined by the type of food. Two buying option are available for acquire a mobile food van. By cash purchase or loan financing with local bank. Complete business profile and financial statement are compulsory for application of financing facility from bank. Hawker Van/Lori Pasar Malam or Food Truck/Mobile Cafe both is serving the identical function. Evaluate your business necessity and decide for the most appropriate mobile food van that fit your business the most.

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