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Isuzu ELF truck is the world-class truck which is the pride of ISUZU has been delicately designed with the state-of-the-art-technology to be the truck of perfection. To provide the user and customer with peace of mind, Isuzu Malaysia warrant for new Isuzu ELF truck with 5 years or 150,000 km warranty (whichever comes first, for model Jan 2020 above) effective from the date first registration of new motor vehicle.

In this article, we will list down the complete significant information warranty conditions and periodic service maintenance that apply for the Isuzu ELF Truck in the event that warranty claim is necessary. All this information able to be found in Isuzu ELF warranty booklet (come along with the truck).

 Isuzu ELF Truck Warranty Booklet
Isuzu ELF Truck Warranty Booklet
Isuzu ELF Truck Warranty Booklet
Isuzu ELF Truck Warranty Booklet

Parts Warranty & The Regulation for Warranty Eligibility

The warranty is only applicable for the new trucks that are sold and registered in Malaysia. Isuzu Malaysia warrants that it will repair or replace, as its option, free of charge, any genuine parts that are defective in material or workmanship under normal use of the vehicle during the warranty period. In order to eligible for warranty cover, the trucks required to complete a periodic maintenance at 1,000km / 5,000km / 10,000km / 15,000km / 20,000km and 25,000km.

Warranty Period for Specific Items

Air-conditioner & Original Accessories (eg: alarm, cd player, wiring): 1 year or 20,000km mileage (which ever come first).

Tyre: 1 year warranty period and is under separate warranty provided by the tyre manufacturer. Damage tyre (wear and tear) due to customer negligence/external force will not be covered by warranty.

Battery: 6 months or 20,000km (which ever come first);

* Air-conditioner & Original Accessories, Battery are warranty start from the date of first registration of new truck, subject to terms and condition provided by manufacturers or supplies.

Parts Not Covered by Warranty

  1. Air Cleaner, Oil Filter, Fuel Filter Element
  2. Clutch Plate & Clutch Facing
  3. Chassis Spring (leaf spring)
  4. Glass & Windscreen
  5. Wiper Blade
  6. Brushing, Oil Seal& O-ring
  7. Belting & Drive Belt or Chain Adjustment
  8. Brake Pad & Brake Shoes
  9. Fuse
  10. Lamp Bulb
  11. Lubricants (Engine Oil) & Fluids
  12. Gasket (other than Cylinder Head Gasket)
  13. Shock Absorber
  14. Bolts & Nuts
  15. Engine Tune-up
  16. Wheel Alignment & Balancing
  17. Body Panel, Bumper & Trim Part
  18. Idle Bearing & Receiver Drier
  19. Break Drum or Rotor
  20. Others item affected by wear & tear, weather exposure and etc
  21. All serviceable items.
 Isuzu NPR Pro
Isuzu NPR Pro

Exclusion of Warranty by Isuzu Malaysia.

(Isuzu Malaysia shall not responsible for all the condition stated as below)

  1. Any truck that has not undergone maintenance service at Authorized Dealers in accordance with the periodic maintenance require by Isuzu.
  2. Damage which is resulted from repairing by an unauthorized third party, who is not from Isuzu.
  3. Damage resulted from alteration, change or addition to the truck without written approval from Isuzu.
  4. Damage resulted from not using Isuzu genuine parts.
  5. Damage resulted from fuel refilling, lubricants or chemical that does not comply with the recommendation as in the Isuzu maintenance user manual.
  6. Damage resulted from non-compliance with the recommendation as in the Isuzu maintenance user manual.
  7. Damage resulted from high speed or loading over the limitation of the laws.
  8. Damage resulted from driving in places where normally it is not for driving motor vehicle, racing event or any other competition.
  9. Deterioration of the truck resulted from parked over a period of time without any maintenance.
  10. Damage to component parts of the motor vehicle which is deteriorated by use, such as fuel injectors, fuel injection pump, bearing, light bulb, fuse, starter & alternator bushes, filters, brake pads, clutch disc, the component parts which is made of rubber or synthetic substances such as gaskets (excluding cylinder hear gasket), wiper blade, belts and bushes.
  11. Damage to glass component such as breakage, scratch, edge finish chipping or optical distortion due to other defect in material or workmanship.
  12. Expenses of wheel alignment & wheel balancing.
  13. Noise and normal vibration, which does not affect quality and performance of motor vehicle.
  14. The decal seal (engine number or chassis number) which is affixed prior to delivery of the motor vehicle is destroyed or removed.
  15. Damage resulted from accident, loss or theft.
  16. Damage resulted from natural disaster, smoke, chemicals, bird dropping, salt, wood, oil, etc.
  17. Any truck which its mileage number at meter dashboard is altered, or its speedometer related component is tempered.
  18. Expenses such as accommodation, telephone charges, claim on loss of time, towing cost, including but not limited to damage due to inconvenience of damage of business.
  19. Corrosion of the motor vehicle body caused by stone chips and scratches on the pain.
  20. Other exclusion items as states in the Isuzu Warranty Service Policy & Procedure Manual.

Inside the Warranty & Service Booklet consist of:

  1. Warranty term & condition
  2. Warranty certificate
  3. Service & maintenance schedule
  4. Maintenance schedule for severe-condition operation
  5. Periodic maintenance record
  6. Notification of change of address/vehicle ownership form

All the writing & information above are extract from Malaysia Isuzu ELF Truck Warranty & Service booklet.

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